April 20, 2024
8 Reason Why You Should Use Mofluid – Review

Mofluid is the mobile commerce revolution for your Magento store created by Mageshield team. Mofluid converts your Magento Shop into a great Mobile-App for Android and iPhone. It allows you to customize the look and feel of your app so your app completely reflects the brand identity that you have built and maintained for years.

It’s so easy that you can get started anytime. All you need to do is install the extension, configure it from admin panel, download the app builds and release them on Google play and App store.

Reason #1: Cost Effective

Mofluid system is highly customizable and allows you to use all the great features of an easy-to-use Magento plus the power of a native mobile app. Thus, it will cost you just a fraction of what a made-from-scratch app would be.

Most developers charge $20,000 – $100,000 per platform. (See this calculatorto prove our point.) It’s not easy or cheap to make an app (or a website, for that matter) from scratch. They can easily and quickly make an app for the fraction of the cost.

Reason #2: It reduces time to market

Others need months or even years to launch a similar mobile app strategy. With Mofluid ,you’ll need just a few hours to do so! The only thing you’ll regret is the time and money you lost before using Mofluid.

Reason #3: Customize the look and feel of your mobile shops with a few clicks

Mofluid unique widget system allows you to set up a customized mobile app with just a few clicks. No programming skills are needed, with their intuitive admin interface. You can choose your brand’s colour, upload logo, banner sliders so your Magento shopping apps will look like YOURS. You can even pick layout themes that you prefer (Modern theme, Elegant theme).

Reason #4: Off the shelf solution

When you buy a new suit, you want the style to be tailored and customized to you. This is the best way to ensure the suit fits.

While choosing mobile enterprise apps, it’s not much different. Mofluid is off the shelf solution, mobile apps that are designed and built specifically for your needs end up being a better fit – and investment – for your company.

Choosing the best solution is a big decision and since the final decision requires a financial and time commitment, the options must be fully considered to ensure the right decision is made. Here are four characteristics, which will aid in evaluating and understanding how Mofluid is the right choice to make :

  • Compatibility with Android as well as IOS platform
  • Seamlessly Integrates Magento commerce store with your shopping app.
  • Excellent performance of mobile apps on various dimensions – speed, resource intensity, etc
  • Scalable of handling demands that can vary and spike unexpectedly

Reason #5: Engages your customers

Mofluid not only creates an app but also engages your customers. Mofluid is integrated with pushwoosh. Pushwoosh is the push notification service that’s highly scalable and offers good value for money. It offers audience segmentation and the ability to schedule batches of push notifications. So, with Mofluid establish a deep connection with your audience by engaging users via meaningful messages and content.

Reason #6: Broadest Payment options

Mofluid keeps adding popular payment gateways. Your magento shopping apps already can work with almost ALL popular gateways.

To satisfy more merchants across countries, Mofluid keeps updating with new payment gateways regularly and has the largest payment gateway plugins available – right now. Click here to check
out the existing payment gateways.

Reason #7: Upgrade and maintainability

With every new release they delivers great new features that will make your app a delight to use every time. They keep upgrading to invent new releases which helps in enhancing the mobile app to the latest trend.
When it come to the support and maintenance, Mofluid provide instant gratification, and they expect concerns and errors to be addressed rapidly and sufficiently across multiple channels.They helps brands deliver exceptional customer support to their customers.

Reason #8: Workflow & User experience measured for top brands like YepMe, Mobileistic

Mofluid has already worked with brands like YepMeMobileistic. Check out their mobile app to measure the performance of Mofluid.