May 21, 2024

John’s years of suffering domestic abuse in his own home led him to the Scottish foster care program. John spent 3 years in the program, and was ultimately adopted by Marianna Buultjens, a native from Scotland and her husband, Eldridge Buultjens, who had immigrated from Sri Lanka.

Who are John Buultjens parents?

John Gilbert’s foster father was Marianna Buultjens and Eldridge Buultjens, who dwelt in the Kelvinside region of Glasgow. My foster father was from Sri Lanka, and my foster mother originates from Paisley, he says.

How true is the ride movie?

This is the inspiring true story of BMX champion John Buultjens, a teen who was difficult to bring out the best in before he was adopted a BMX bicycle by an appreciative father. This is an incredible true story based on John Buultjens s life, so perhaps Craig came up with it.