June 17, 2024

Is your site losing you a business? According to research by Blue Fountain Media, 81% of internet users think less about a business if the site isn’t up to date, and 39% would mull over using a product or service if the site isn’t new, easy to understand and current. Here are 8 obvious signs that you should consider redesigning your website

You’re humiliated to give out your URL. Your site is the online face of your organization and you should be proud that it’s representing you better. If it’s not pleasing and representing you, that is an obvious sign it’s time to design a new website.

It looks obsolete. At times, looks do make a difference. While it’s significant that your site works consistently, it also needs to look new and current.

Your site is over 5 years of age. While there’s no immovable guideline for to what extent a site should last, there has been a lot of advances in innovation, best practices, and how Google positions sites over the most recent couple of years, so if your site is more than a bunch of years old, it could probably benefit some degree of an upgrade.

Your site isn’t conveying the traffic, leads, and conversions you desire. If your site is getting somewhat long in the tooth yet gets results for your business, there’s most likely no motivation to disturb something worth being thankful for. But if you’ve seen noteworthy drop-offs in traffic and leads, your users are obviously not finding what they’re searching for, and you should consider a site upgrade to bring them back.

All your competitors have newer websites. While the facts shows that you ought to make the right decision for you as opposed to indiscriminately following what others are doing, if your competitors have websites that look and perform better than yours, you’re going to be at a significant disadvantage. If your website is lagging behind competitors, consider an update to beat the competition.

Your site does not offer an excellent user experience. A successful website is all about satisfying your users. If your site is hard to explore and doesn’t provide engaging, valuable content, your users will go elsewhere. While small tweaks can improve the visitor experience on a current webpage, a new website designed with user experience at the forefront is often the best solution.

Small changes are difficult to make. Rolling out little improvements or updates to your webpage, such as including a blog entry, updating an event, or changing a product description, ought to be simple for anybody on your staff to achieve. If your site is built on a platform that is hard to work with, or that requires an outsider to make even the least complex updates, consider another site in an easy to use content management system CMS.

If the 8 signs above don’t totally describe your website but you’re still looking to make improvements, here are a few things you can accomplish in the meantime:

Update your SEO

Replace stock photography

Improve your content

Upgrade to HTTPS

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