June 18, 2024

Lay Flat On Your Bed

The first step to becoming a back sleeper is to lay flat on your back on your bed. You should place your neck and head in neutral positions and try not to twist your head. You should also refrain from moving your knees to the right or left.

You can also try to place your arms above your head in a goal post shape to see if you find this comfortable or not. Some people find this position comfortable, while others find it is hard on their shoulders. So, simply try the position for yourself and see if it works or not. Make sure your mattress is supportive, read these Purple Mattress reviews.

Elevate Your Head

You should elevate your head using a pillow. You can also try placing other pillows under your arms as it can be quite comforting and provide additional support. Using buckwheat pillows are highly recommended since they are flatter than other types of pillows and they can be fixed according to your personal preferences.

You should make sure that your head is not elevated too much or is too flat since these will negatively affect your body’s alignment.

Take A Pillow And Place Under Knees

If you’re not a back sleeper, then you may feel some pain or discomfort around your back and lower back. In order to relieve this, you should use a pillow and place it underneath your knees and this should help relieve any pain.

If you feel pressure in your lower back, then you should consider stretching before you go to bed. This is especially important if you spend most of the day sitting as you would likely have tight hip flexors and hamstrings. You can try a stretch known as the pigeon and hold the position for about a minute. This will help to reduce pain and pressure.

Starfish Position

Another position to try is the starfish sleeping position, however, you should be cautious if there is someone else in the bed. The starfish sleeping position is when you lay on your back and spread and arms and legs wide apart so that you look like an actual starfish. This is an extremely comfortable position, however, it will take up a lot of bed space and may not leave enough space for your partner. My partner loves to sleep in this position, but I find it quite irritating. The great thing about the starfish position is that it helps to reduce pressure and pain.


It will take some time before you are able to sleep on your back. However, don’t give up as you need to be persistent in order to succeed. Even if you keep rolling on your sides at night, you should simply return to lying on your back and keep doing so until you become a permanent back sleeper.