June 17, 2024

IQ or intelligence quotient is a score on pursuing a standardized test designed to assess intelligence. With the penetration of technology in all aspects of our lives, apps have been developed that you can use to test your IQ. These apps can be downloaded on our smartphone devices and you can test your IQ from the convenience of your bedroom.

Android apps have been app developing to be used to test individual IQ. Download the apps into your device and you can answer questions asked and in the end, it will give you a score based on the answers you got right and those you got wrong, giving you your IQ.

There are several android apps developed to test your IQ.

The Best Test Your IQ Android Apps

  1. Best IQ Test app
    This is a game which is already widely used in the world. It achieved second place in the Windows market place for 10 weeks. This app measures your IQ allowing you to know the strength of your mind. It tests your learning abilities, logical thinking abilities, creativity and memory. It has 39 questions that get progressively difficult and at the end you will given your score. Your IQ.

Best IQ Test app in Google play store

  1. What’s my IQ app
    This app is a 50 question puzzle based test. The puzzles are creative with answers that you could never guess. It pushes your thinking capacity to the limit and you are highly encouraged to think very creatively. It will give you a score based on the mistakes you make and the time you take to complete the puzzle, testing your ability to think on your feet. Its solutions have twenty free cheats for the creativity challenged and it is also integrated to your Facebook so that you can see how you friends fared. Do it with a group and see how creative your friends get when answering the questions.

What’s my IQ app in Google play store

  1. Brain Age Test app
    This app is a simple yet addictive game that tests your brain age based on how you perform in the game. The better you are in the game, the lower your brain age. The goal of this game is to have the youngest brain age. If you desire to improve your brain performance, take this test several times. This game improves and tests your short term memory. Download this app into your mobile android device and test your brain age. It is appropriate even for kids and they will enjoy it.

Brain Age test app in Google play store

IQ tests scores will be affected by the social environment, education level, social interactions and many other factors. They are used to test how a person responds to various environmental, social and mental stimuli especially when used in job interviews. They test logical thinking, creativity and personal problem solving skills. There are programs that you can watch to help you answer IQ test questions. You can have the sky contact to make your enquiries for those TV programs.

The above apps can be downloaded into your android device and put to use and have fun answering the questions and solving the puzzles. The best test your IQ android apps can be downloaded from Google play and the android app store.