June 17, 2024

It is safe to say that you are going nuts about your first wedding photography shoot!? This article will give you the Top 5 MOST IMPORTANT wedding photography tips that you have to know and execute before shooting your first wedding!


In spite of the fact that this may appear glaringly evident to a great many people, it’s stunning how little arrangement a few picture takers put into their first wedding! Kindly don’t hope to shake up and simply take a blind leap of faith. It’s unreliable and absolutely unreasonable for the couple who are anticipating that you should realize what you’re doing. So what does get ready, get ready and get ready to mean? I for one find that planning is the way to achievement in any industry so I have centered the accompanying 5 top wedding photography tips on helping you to be as readied as could be expected under the circumstances so you can shake up with certainty and nail it!!

1. Know your gear inside out!

Let’s start with one of the most important tips, know your gear! This should be a no brainer. Pick up your camera and make sure you know all the settings, understand the modes, get to know the settings that are available on your lenses work out all the options available on your speed lite, etc.

2. Scout the locations

Exploring areas is another MUST DO before the wedding so you can be readied. You no doubt won’t get an opportunity to see the man of the hour’s home or lady of the hour’s home before the day yet you can expect it would resemble any normal home. For whatever length of time that there is light in the parlor and main room, at that point you will be alright

3. Write a shot list and memorize it!

This is another extremely significant hint that I used to accomplish for in any event my initial 20 weddings! Compose a short rundown of precisely what you will do in each area. Don’t hesitate to be as explicit as could reasonably be expected and afterward attempt to remember it. Additionally, I feel that composing it with pen and paper really helped me to recall everything much something other than composing it out.

I literally used to write the following info down the day before every wedding:

Groom Coverage Shot List








Ask the groom if there is anything else he wants

4. Assist as much as you can

This is another very significant thing that you should do before you go out and shoot your first wedding! In a perfect world, begin attempting to discover somebody to help when you book your first wedding or even before that. The sooner you begin helping the more set you up will be.

5. Shoot a fake wedding

Probably the most ideal approaches to plan for the genuine wedding is to shoot a phony wedding! Get a few companions together or a couple that you know and attempt and copy a portion of the shots that you are really going to do on the big day.

Go on the spot to the genuine spots you are going to use for your first wedding and shoot all the pictures you would for the genuine day. Work on getting it directly in-camera. There is no weight doing it along these lines, so take as much time as is needed and hit the nail on the head, until it turns out to be practically natural!