May 22, 2024

1. Sparks inside Microwave Food Compartment

If you notice sparks inside the microwave while it is running, turn it off right away. Undoubtedly, there may be a little bit of metal in the microwave. It doesn’t take a lot of metal to cause a sparkle. Indeed, even a little bit of steel fleece you might’ve used to clean it can cause sparking.

Additionally, the waveguide spread that goes over the magnetron may be damaged.  If so, just remove the waveguide cover and replace it with another one

2. Turntable Isn’t Turning

This is another common issue with microwaves. The turntable keeps your food pivoting to assist it with cooking uniformly. If the turntable isn’t pivoting, at that point expel the turntable plate from the microwave and ensure the guides aren’t bowed or brushing against the edges. Sometimes, food particles can stall out in there and cause the turntable to glitch.

3. The Microwave Doesn’t Turn On

There’s a good chance this might be a problem with the outlet and/or circuit the microwave is plugged into rather than the appliance itself. Check to see if the circuit breaker has tripped. In some cases, your microwave might be plugged into a GFCI outlet to protect against surges in current. If you have one, check it as well.

If the outlet your microwave is plugged into works well, then there is an issue with the microwave itself. This is probably one problem where it’s advisable to either call an appliance repair technician or replace it with a new unit.

Basic Microwave Maintenance

One of the great selling points of microwaves is that they’re relatively maintenance-free. But there are a few easy steps you can take to keep your microwave running for years to come.

Here are a few simple microwave maintenance tips:

1. Keep your microwave clean

Cleaning it once weekly will go a long way in preventing a lot of problems. The build-up of food particles, grease and grime can cause malfunctions and even fire.

2. Never run your microwave empty

If it’s empty, the waves will bounce around with nothing to absorb them. This can damage the magnetron and other components with time.

3. Use the preset cooking times

Rather than simply think about how much time it will take to defrost your chicken, utilize the microwave presets. This will carry out the responsibility significantly more productively and most likely spare you power.

Microwaves are an incredible machine since they make meals very easy to prepare. They don’t require much maintenance and the more current models are getting more dependable. If you do run into issues with your microwave, analyze the problem first and afterward choose whether you need to fix it yourself, call a machine fix specialist or purchase another microwave.

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