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Wireless keyboard and mouse

Wireless keyboard and mouse

Before purchasing Wireless keyboard and mouse you should know about these things in your knowledge.  You should also know about its bands or any other things.  You should also know about its guaranty or its battery timing.  Because that is the wireless device and you can use it easily as this product provide you benefit.  There are many brands that are providing you greater battery timing and you can work easily with a lot of benefits.  So now we will discuss about many branded product in this topic.  Logitech K800 Wireless Illuminated Keyboard — Backlit Keyboard, Fast-Charging, Dropout-Free 2.4GHz Connection

As we know before discussing about the famous brand of wireless product, so Logitech k800 wireless keyboard is one of the unique brand or product of wireless keyboard.  Before purchasing this product you must know its benefits or disadvantages.  So now we will discuss about its battery timing, warranty, and man y of its characteristics. 

Brightly backlit key

Brightly backlit was a unique character, that has easy for typing and that is the most comfortable for typing any articles. It has also a most compatible window like, window Xp, window7, window 8, window 10.  That product is most common among peoples. 

Key system

That product has a perfect stroke key system that have provide the benefit of comforts.  They don’t contain any battery system.  They work without the battery so they recharge with the help of universal micro-USB cable. 

Wireless connection

That product has powerful 2.4 GHz wireless connection.  In addition to this also a one tiny unifying receiver is present, that is attached in our computer.  We can work easily with the window PCs or also including the window 10.  Unifying receiver try to moving the keyboard closer.   To bring closer to the keyboard, plug the receiver extended cable into the unifying receiver. 

Logitech devices  

Logitech devices are basically easily paired through a single unifying USB receiver.  For a compatible device you look orange “unifying” icon.  Review the videos products and also in image.        

Compatible product  

There are many product that are more compatible such as window XP, window Vista, window 7, window 8, window 10. 

Product description          

You can see easily backlit keys in any light.  It has unique characters like leek look, comfortable, fluid typing.  It gives a unique result of typing day and night.  It has a brilliant typing experience.  It requires a window XP, window Vista, window 7, window 8, and window 10.  

Technical detail

Brand name:                Logitech

Hardware platform:   pc

Item weight:                2.2 pound

Color:                            black

Battery:                       2aa batteries

Modal number:         920-002359

Series: k8oo wireless keyboard

Product dimensions L x w x h: 8.19 x 2.31 x 18.44 inch

System requirements

  • Have USB port
  • Internet connection for software download
  • Window XP, window Vista, window 7, window 8, window 10
Wireless keyboard and mouse
Wireless keyboard and mouse

Pros & Cons

  • Beautiful looking Support with all windowsAdvance features
  • Expensive

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo, Seenda Low Profile Small Rechargeable Wireless Keyboard and Mouse for Windows Devices, Space Gray

Before buying this product you should know about these products.  You should also know its advantages or disadvantages.  How this product helps you and benefits to you.  You should must know its unique characteristics.   You should also know its battery timing or its warranty timing. So you must know all these things that help you a lot.   This is the most unique products that give you a lot of benefits to you.  This is the wireless keyboard mouse that gives you a lot of benefits to you. 

Battery life

That wireless key board has unique property.  It contain a 3 month battery life power and it has a rechargeable mouse is present here.  All these are provided by a USB cable.  You can use this product easily till use this until 3 month.  It contains a unique auto sleep function that helps your product power save and also help in extending your battery life.  So you must buy this product that gives you advantages in your work. 

Space saving

This key board have a unique property and this keyboard has a ultra small (11.1*5.3*0.6 inch) and it compact is small (110z).  These two things help you to save your portable space, that is pack in to your backpack.  There is also an on/off switch button on the keyboard that helps you to reserve your pc power.  That is the perfect for your office work and also.  That product is also best use in your home also. 

Plug and play

It has a unique character that is super and easy to use.  It is easy to use it is not have any complications.  That is attaching to a wireless receiver; moreover it has also a USB port that is attaché to wireless receiver.  It contains a 2.4G stable wireless connection.  That have a range is up to 26ft (8m). 

Quieter keys

As compared to the traditional key that have a much quieter keys.  So as benefit of it quieter key, while using you not worry about its disturbance or any other problem. 

Silent mouse

It has a unique mouse property that contain silent mouse that is more convenient to use.  You may enjoy it typing experience.  It also contains a wireless keyboard and also have mouse combo. 


You have a ultra small rechargeable wireless keyboard.  It has also a rechargeable optical mouse.  That helps you to work your task easily.  Keyboard is covered with a chargeable cable.  That product has a guaranty for 18 month.  This wireless keyboard is attached with the PC computer, laptop of window 2000, XP, Vista, window 7, window 8, and also a window 10.  

Product information

  • Package  dimension:                 11.6×5.4×1.5
  • Item weight:                                1.25 pound
  • Shipping weight:                         1.25 pound
  • ASIN:                                             B07KFCHRRM
  • Manufacturer:                            seenda
  • Seller rank:                                  52 in computer key board
  • Customer viewer:                       545 viewer
  • Date listed on Amazon:             November 12,2o18
Wireless keyboard and mouse
Wireless keyboard and mouse

Pros & Cons

  • Having a smart lookAdvance quality
  • Expensive for poor peoples

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo – seenda Full Size Slim Thin Wireless Keyboard Mouse with On/Off Switch on Both Keyboard and Mouse – (Black and Silver)

This is the unique product that gives you a lot of benefits to you.  This product is obtained from a famous brand.  So you must know about this product.  Because this is product gives you a lot of benefits, because this is the wireless product.  That product is given by the seenda and this is the unique wireless keyboard with the mouse combo product.  It has a dashing color with black and white. 

Full size wireless keyboard with mouse

As new know that full size wireless keyboard provided you a complete comfort.  They provided everything as you need at your finger like the media, keys and numeric pad etc.  Within a single touch your mouse and keyboard provided you sensitive touch.  Your mouse is plug with the USB receiver.  So in this way there is a more reliable product for you.  With the USB receiver your keyboard also attached with it.  So that is more convenient product that helps you a lot. 

Quiet keyboard mouse set

A very reason able price you can get this dashing or sleek keyboard set.  They will provide you a lot of benefits to you in your work.  You may get a stylish mouse and keyboard with reasonable prices.  As compared to traditional keyboard that is the quieter keyboard that is the reason it is not called as whisper keyboard.  It is better and also shows you a good result as compared to old traditional keyboard.  It has in two colors with silver or black also. 

Stab let connection

As we discuss about that both keyboard and mouse are attached with the same USB receiver, so there connection is good or convenient.  They have 2.4G that show a good connectivity.  You must not face any connection problem or issue.  So you must buy this product.

Adjustable Dpi

On the top of the mouse the Dpi switch is on.  It helps or easy way to change the mouse setting.  It also helps to change the mouse sensitivity, while gaming and any other task.  The DPI rage is about 800-1200-1600. 

Power saving

It contains an intelligent sleep mode that is help in power saving to your PC.  Your working condition is checked by build in chip.  Your keyboard or mouse will turn to sleep mode when there is no working occur about 10 to 15 minutes.   In this way that provided us a benefit it saves the energy of your PC.  By pressing the keys on the keyboard or mouse on the right or left button you may wake up your mouse within only a 3 second.


It is surprising for you that is, online shopping is risk for you so a seenda provided you a risk fee, you have not worry about that product.  You easily buy this product.  You will get a 18 month or 24 month with money back guaranty.  You must contact at any time if you face any problem related to your buy product.  You may contact us at any time then we will get back to you within a 12 hours or 14 hours.  You will not worry about that.  That is the more convenient product. 

Wireless keyboard and mouse
Wireless keyboard and mouse

Pros & Cons

  • Smart lookingSaving time
  • Highly expensive

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo, Seenda Ultra Thin Low Profile Rechargeable Keyboard and Mouse with Number Pad for Windows Devices-Space Gray

Before purchasing this product you should know about this all characteristics.  So you know about these characteristics with the help of this product description.  You should know about its battery timing, its features and also it unique characters.  This wireless product gives you a lot of benefits.  This wireless product has also ultra thin low profile rechargeable character. 


That product provides you a rechargeable convenience that is easily rechargeable.  And with it also attach a micro USB cable.  That also contains a single charge that last about 2-3 month.  That product also contains intelligent auto sleep function.  To keep your battery save, that have best option for on/off switch.  In turn that has a great advantage for your battery life. 

Low profile keys

As compared to traditional keyboard this keyboard is much quieter than any other keyboard.  Because that keyboard is not a whisper quiet. It structure is very unique and it contain scissor-switch structure design.  And that is also providing you a comfortable experience. 

Silent mouse

That product contain silent mouse that provide you easy to work without any disturbance or ant connection issue.  With this product we will also provide you a keyboard cover that covers save you with any dust particles. 

Plug and play 

For the installation of any data you may attaché your PC with the receiver port.  That is helps you a lot to install anything.  Its provide you a fast installation.  It contains a 2.4G technology that have a range about is 24 ft.  You can enjoy this amazing typing without any wireless connection. 

Ultra slim

This is the most convenient wireless connection with keyboard attached.  That wirless keyboard mouse contains about 99 keys.  It performs much function like volume control, number pad, Num pad and also a calculator.  With addition to ultra-compact disk that also perform some functions.


This small wireless keyboard mouse provides to a great comfort for any work an any task.  That product has a 18 to 19 month warranty, in addition to this that provide you greater benefits to you.  If you receive any a defective product then you may easily replace this product.  Contact us for replace the defective one.  This keyboard is compatible with the window 2000, XP, Vista, win 7, win8, win 10. 

Product information

  • Product dimension:                 15.1×4.6×0.6 inches
  • Item weight:                              10.6 ounces
  • Manufacturer:                           seenda
  • Shipping weight:                       1.32 pound
  • ASIN:                                           B07P7MB88J             
  • Item modal number:                WGJP-o31B
  • Customer viewer:                      157 customer
  • Sellers rank:                               27 in computer keyboard
  • Date listed on Amazon:           February 25,2019
Wireless keyboard and mouse
Wireless keyboard and mouse

Pros & Cons

  • Large battery systemCompatible for all devices
  • Very expensive

Wireless Keyboard Mouse, Jelly Comb 2.4GHz Ultra Thin Compact Portable Small Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo Set for PC, Desktop, Computer, Notebook, Laptop, Windows XP/Vista / 7/8 / 10 (Black)

Before buying this unique wireless product you must know about its all function and also characteristics.  That wireless product gives you a lot of benefits to you for your daily use.  So you must know about its functions.  This wireless keyboard is obtaibned by a jelly comb with 2.4GHz and also contains an ultra thin compact portable small keyboard. 

USB wireless keyboard

You can work comfortably with this unique wireless keyboard.  So that you can work easily with your, PC and also computer.  This keyboard is compatible for you and for your work also.  This wireless keyboard USB is compatible with the window XP, window Vista, window 7, window 8, window 9, and window 10.  On the battery of the keyboard USB receiver is inserted with it.  With both the keyboard and mouse that is attached with only one nano receiver. 

Portable design

This keyboard is a ultra slim portable keyboard.  This wireless key board is best for use of business travel or other business need, or any other urgent work.  This keyboard not have full key, it is not a full size keyboard.  It contains an ultra slim thin silicon chip that covers the keyboard.  Because this unique property that protect against the dust and spill.  

Stable connection 

As we know that its unique property, it contain 2.4GH wireless that provide us power to your device.  This wireless product provides you a good connection.  So a nano receiver is connecting with the mouse and the keyboard.  For using this keyboard mouse, it plug with the USB port. 

High-ended scissor keyboard

This wireless keyboard contains a 0.4 cm thickness.  It weight is about 240 g that maintain it’s sleek.  This keyboard contains quiet operation and has long- life thinner. 

High quality mouse

This wireless keyboard with mouse gives you a lot of benefits to you.  It is the sensitive and quick responses mouse.  This mouse creates not noise.  It contains 3DpI levels (800/1200/1600) and this also provides optical tracking technology. 


This wireless product contains a life time warranty service.  If you conclude any fault or problem with this product the you can easily change this product.  For changing product you should contact with us.  It has a warranty within the 18 month. 

Product information

  • Product dimension:                         11.2×4.2xo.7
  • Item weight:                                      8.5 ounces
  • ASIN:                                                   B0756XFFJZ
  • Manufacture:                                    jelly comb      
  • Shipping weight:                               1 pound
  • Item modal number:                        jelly comb black
  • Customer viewer:                             459 customer review
  • Batteries:                                            4 AAA batteries
  • Seller rank:                                        18 with keyboard and mouse
  • Listed on Amazon:                            august 29, 2017
Wireless keyboard and mouse
Wireless keyboard and mouse

Pros & Cons

  • Very smart lookAdvance battery
  • Not affordable

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