June 18, 2024

Microsoft Office 2010 offers rich and powerful new ways to deliver your best work at the office, home, or school. Grab your audience’s attention and inspire them with your ideas visually. Create results with people at the same time and stay connected to your files across the town or around the world. With Office 2010, you’re in control of getting things done and delivering amazing results according to your schedule.


MS Word 2010
MS Outlook 2010
MS PowerPoint 2010
MS Excel 2010
MS Access 2010
MS InfoPath 2010
MS Communicator
MS Publisher 2010
MS OneNote 2010
MS SharePoint Workspace 2010
MS Office Web Apps
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Give school children and uni students alike the academic edge with Microsoft Word 2010 and Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, featuring ready-made templates for creating reports and presentations fast and dramatic effects that add originality to any assignment.

With Microsoft Excel 2010, you have the spreadsheet tools the pros use, including features that simplify tracking expenses and creating a household or student finance budget. Organize home or academic projects in Microsoft OneNote 2010 to access your notes, files and resources in one easy spot. All the programs share a consistent look and feel, so you can move smoothly between home finances, class presentations and other everyday tasks with exceptional results.

Microsoft Office 2010 makes it easier to keep your life organized and your ideas flowing. This is a well-rounded set of programs that’s surprisingly affordable. With easy ways to integrate your video, audio and dramatic visual effects, PowerPoint 2010 makes any class presentation a springboard for your creativity.

Manage research projects in one simple spot using OneNote. And stay connected to your people and plans from virtually anywhere with access to your email and calendar tools on your Smartphone in Outlook Mobile. With programs designed to fit your budget and your life, MS Office 2010 helps you put your best work forward, now and years from now.

MS Office 10 Product Key

MS Office 2010 Features:
What are some of the major updates to the Microsoft Office 2010 suites from previous versions? Microsoft Office 2010 offers you rich and powerful new ways to deliver your best work at work, home or school on your computer, from a Windows Mobile-based Smartphone or via a Web browser. Quickly and creatively grab your audience’s attention and inspire them with your ideas by using enhanced and easy-to-use tools, customizable templates, color schemes, and photo-editing capabilities. With a new co-authoring experience, you can work with people from different locations at the same time. And by offering more ways to access your files from almost anywhere, Office 2010 puts you in control of getting things done according to your schedule. Simplify your tasks and create amazing results with Office 2010 – wherever life takes you.

What Are The Office Web Apps?

The Office Web Apps allow you to work with your Microsoft Office files from more places and on more devices by providing browser-based viewing and lightweight editing of Microsoft Word 2010, Excel 2010, PowerPoint 2010 and OneNote 2010 files. Access your work at any time from a Smartphone or computer with an Internet connection. The Office Web Apps are designed to work with Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox and requires SharePoint 2010 or a Windows Live account.

Why Should I Use Office 2010?

Office 2010 can help you express your ideas more visually. With Office 2010, you can easily create powerful visuals and apply professional-looking designs to photos and text, and to videos in PowerPoint. From new and improved picture-editing effects such as saturation and watercolor to video editing and formatting capabilities such as trimming, fades and reflections, Office 2010 opens up a world of design options to give life to your ideas.

Enjoy The Familiar Microsoft Office Experience On The Web:
With Office Web Apps, you can take advantage of greater flexibility when working in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. That’s because you can access your work at any time from a Smartphone or computer with an Internet connection. Create amazing documents using Office 2010 and then easily post them online so you can share your work with others from across town or around the world. It’s convenient and easy.

Connect, Share and Accomplish More When Working Together:
Now you can get more done when working in groups. The new co-authoring experience with Word 2010, PowerPoint 2010 and OneNote 2010 lets you work on a file with multiple people simultaneously from different locations. Brainstorm ideas, control versions better and meet deadlines faster — it’s a snap with Office 2010.

Store And Track All Your Ideas And Notes In One Place:
With Microsoft OneNote 2010, you get the ultimate digital notebook for tracking, organizing and sharing your text, photos, and video and audio files. New features such as version tracking, highlighting and Linked Notes give you more control over your notes so you’re always on top of the latest changes and sources of your information.

Create Powerful Data Insights And Visualization:
With new data analysis and visualization features in Excel 2010, you can easily track and highlight important data trends. For example, the new Spark lines feature delivers a clear and compact visual representation of your data with small charts in a cell. The new Slicers feature lets you filter and segment your PivotTable data in multiple layers so you can spend more time analyzing and less time formatting.

Access Your Work Across Devices And Platforms:
Office 2010 gives you a familiar and intuitive experience across PCs, Smartphones1 and various Web browsers so that you have the freedom to use the system from more locations and on multiple devices.

Deliver More Compelling Presentations:
With PowerPoint 2010, you can effectively engage your audience by embedding and personalizing videos within your presentation. The embedded video file can be customized by adding video triggers and styles directly within PowerPoint 2010, saving you time and money.

Create Sophisticated Business Process Forms With Little or No Code:
InfoPath 2010 is designed for both advanced business users and developers, depending on the type of forms-based solution and organization needs. Without writing code, advanced business users can use InfoPath 2010 to design sophisticated electronic forms to quickly and cost-effectively gather information. Developers can create advanced forms for departmental and enterprise business processes, including composite applications and workflow sequences, with InfoPath 2010, Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 and SharePoint Designer 2010 — using little or no code.

System Requirements:
Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP1, Windows 7 or Windows 8
You don’t need to replace hardware that is capable of running Office 2007, it will support Office 2010.
Processor: 500 MHz or higher
Memory: 256 MB or higher
Hard Disk: 1.5 GB; a portion of the disk space will be freed after installation if the original download package is removed from the hard drive.

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