February 28, 2024
Martial arts for the optimal choice of exercise       

Muay Thai, a martial art that is often confused with Thai boxing constitutes Thailand’s flagship sport. This is a sport that is well-known internationally and is also a true local pride. This is sport that is extremely good for your health and it is currently highly respected by everyone. 

This is a sport that is based on real rules of life while mixing certain philosophical aspects and moral values as well.

The history of Muay Thai

The origins of Muay Thai are quite difficult to determine since few written records survive to this day. Mostly oral tales and legends survive and pass from generation to generation.

According to belief, the monks were the first to teach this martial arts exercise that is ideal for weight loss. At that time, the reigning instability between various kingdoms gave birth to this art, essentially military. This was designed and developed to be an art that will help with hand-to-hand combat and also to fight someone armed and dangerous.

This was an art that was practiced by the greatest chiefs and warriors of that era while now many people and tourists travel to Thailand to take part in training camps and to learn this sport.

There are currently many camps in Thailand that provide training services for someone to learn Muay Thai while many take up this sport in order to lose weight and gain a good health through training. Check out des produits hilma biocare lemuscleroid.

Values of Muay Thai

As certain masters say, Muay means “to be one” and Thai means “to be free”. There are many strong values underneath this martial arts that need to be respected. There are: mastery, courage, morality, fair play, respect, honor, loyalty and humility.

Before of every fight, the athletes perform a dance called wai kru or ram wai in order to honor their master and teacher. This way they pay tribute to all the descendants of the master but also to their parents, his elders and the king.

Through these specific rituals, this martial art connects the three fundamental pillars of the kingdom: the king, the community of Buddhist monks and the whole nation.

Mastery of body and mind

Muay Thai is imbued with the philosophy of life and values of Theravada Buddhism. There are international Muay Thai champions who are Buddhist monks. The best known being the legendary Dieselnoi Chor Thanasukarn, who was Lumpinee champion and voted best fighter of 1982.

Indeed, there are many similarities between Muay Thai and Buddhism. Lifestyle, in both cases, is essential to progress, climb the different stages and arrive at the goal set.

For Muay Thai, this involves daily training both physical and mental. A healthy mind in a healthy body. Staying healthy with Muay Thai program is good choice. You have to know how to stay humble, respect your opponent and the masters, learn to control your emotions and know how to refocus on yourself to be able to control even pain, fatigue or frustration. Do not let his feelings show, because the opponent could use these apparent weaknesses.