April 20, 2024

Let’s say you have created your Instagram account in 2022 and you’re minding business – you’re here to advertise and sell your products, services or content. Whatever it might be, IG is undoubtedly the best platform for commercial use. It has all the tools needed for promotion built into it and there are also lots of third party services out there, ready to help you out on your way to the needed popularity. However, not every promotional tool found online will work equally well – in this article we’re going to review key methods which will make your IG profile thrive in 2022. Let’s start with revealing the most helpful one of them – a chance to buy Instagram followers.

Why is it working so well

Basically, no matter what your aims on Insta are, you need an audience. And the best case scenario is to have a real audience that would support you and would buy from you, if you’re aiming to monetize your content from the very beginning in one way or another.

However, if earlier in time you could spend some time online and get follow requests, likes and comments in return just because you’ve done the same for people, today this is not possible. The only mutual likes and subscriptions you can get would come from content creators who’re trying to support each other. The target audience will stay deaf and blind to such tryings. And if you want to start working on IG from the very beginning, you desperately need a pool of subscribers who would prove that your content is actually worthy. Where do you get those?

You can buy real Instagram followers and solve that problem once and for all. Literally, all you need is to take care of what exactly you’re buying: you need exclusively real, genuine subs, who are actual people visiting IG daily. If you’d take on such subscribers, you’d be able to sufficiently increase the statistics of your page and make IG algorithms show your content to potentially interested people more often. If you’d buy fake subs though you might ruin your statistics and get in trouble (shadow ban) by acquiring indecent promotional services.

What else helps

Eventually, there are not so many decent and highly helpful promotional services. The ones that are present take investments – of money, time or effort. We’d recommend using the ones that require money, because these save your time and effort on something more tangible, for example, generating quality content or interacting with the newly coming audience. However, if you want to save some dollars, you can try to reach out to fellow bloggers for free mutual PR: both of you will tell about each other on your pages and this way you will be able to exchange audiences and double the number of your subscribers. In some cases it appears to be very helpful, in some cases bloggers are already being followed by approximately the same people. However, it is worth a try.

Paid PR from bigger bloggers is better – you get warranties for good results and all you need to do is pay and then watch new subs coming. Not just sit though, but work on new posts which will make these people stay. Combine all of these methods together for the best results possible – you’ll see them coming in asap.