April 20, 2024

Our Georgia and South Carolina locations offer specialised obedience training.  

The services we offer to our clients are guaranteed to produce results. GAK9 trainers are the best in the country when it comes to basic training such as walking properly on a leash, sitting, and staying, to advanced training like off-leash training, anxiety training, and aggression training.

GAK9.com can help you and your dog live a happier, fuller life with specialised training that works!

Training for GAK9 police dogs

Georgia K9 NTC is different from any other K9 company in that we are involved in the dog’s life from birth to death.

Each puppy is hand-selected at 7 to 10 weeks of age after a rigorous investigation and testing process. In particular, we are looking not only for standard drive indicators but also for social attributes and human scent propensities. Our training begins as soon as we select the puppy, with an emphasis on social exposure. The purpose of driving is useless if it is not balanced.

You don’t get a dog that was only trained during the handler’s course, you get a dog that was trained between 8 weeks old and the handler’s course. Long before you arrive, it will know exactly what to do!

Edisto Island, SC is home to the TTTK9 Professional Tracker School.

United States has never had a school like this before. Law enforcement tracking has never been the subject of a full-time training program. TTTK9 School specializes in tracking, seven days a week, 365 days a year, unlike many other K9 schools, which focus on detection. Our tracker program is dedicated and we don’t do it part-time or on request; we live and breathe it.


Trainer positions are granted by invitation only by the TTTK9 Board of Trainers. An appointed board of trainers is governed by a Training Coordinator in the geographical area of interest. The invitation is made by a majority vote of the board.

In the case of a board split decision, the Chief Executive Officer casts the final vote.  Trailing trainers are also TTTK9 Trailing Officers, which gives them the right to vote on the standards and policies of the Trailing K9 Program within their specific geographical area.

A Trailing K9 Trainer must have passed a trailing examination with an appointed TTTK9 Official before being considered for this position. For six months, all new trainers are on probation.

During the probationary period, a trainer’s position may be revoked at any time and for any reason. Revocations are not appealable.



In the GAK9 Trailing ranking system, this is the first ranking and is conducted during entry-level training. Basically, it means understanding mental, physical, and character disciplines. All GAK9 Students must complete at least 20 hours of training in the areas of scent article use and basic handling under the supervision of a GAK9 qualified trainer.


It is the second rank in the GAK9 trainers’ system. Applicants for this rank must receive a recommendation from a GAK9 Trailing Trainer after completing a minimum of 40 hours of trailing training.


GAK9 Trainers System rank three. This rank requires the recommendation of a GAK9 Trailing trainer after 80 hours of supervised training and a Level 1 Certification in any area of expertise: Field, Rural, Suburban, or Urban.


An additional 40 hours of trailing training instruction as an assistant under the supervision of GAK9 Trailing Trainer and a year of trailing experience are required prior to this appointment. It is decided by the GAK9 Board of Trainers only after a trainer responsible for the student submits a nomination. A majority vote is cast by the board, and the CEO, in the event of a split decision, decides. Instructors of Trailing Handlers are not qualified to teach military or police courses.