June 18, 2024
Battlefield 3 Reality Mod Release Locked for July 17 - This New Trailer Shows a More Serious Affair

A fan-made Battlefield 3 mod over the last two years has been called the Battlefield 3 Reality Mod, which was inspired by Project Reality.

The modding team behind the Battlefield 3: Reality Mod announced that it will release this highly anticipated project on July 17th.

Battlefield 3 Reality Mod Release Date Trailer:

Battlefield 3 Reality Mod Release Date is 17th July 2022.

Battlefield 3 RealityMod is created using VU modding framework; a modification of Battlefield 3 that includes much more than boosting the tick rate and serving personalized record; incorporated server browser, dedicated server hosting capabilities, and custom server packaging are all part of the list of Battlefield 3 RealityMod options.