November 16, 2022
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User Acceptance Testing is the final stage for any software development or change request before it goes live. This test will help determine how the software will deal with real-world problems. Different organizations might have different requirements for software, so the main purpose of using the best Opkey test automation platform is to undertake the test and check the working capacity of the software.

User Acceptance Testing can be carried out in a separate testing environment. It can change, update, request, and develop new features. This testing has helped many organizations be sure about the system that needs to be included in the organization.

The main key to a successful UAT adoption in the industry might include five steps in the process stated below:

  • Planning: It is highly recommended to start collecting information right from the beginning, so it is easy to gather information. Prepare a list of questions for all the relevant stakeholders, like which business process needs to be tested, what will be the sequence of actions to take to represent the test, which UAR team will be considered responsible for the testing process? etc. Right from the start, the person needs to every sure about the entire process so that it is easy to understand its functionality.
  • UAT scoping: Not every business might require the help of the test. So, if you want to undertake the UAT process, the user needs to define the UAT scope of the project. If the scope is well defined, it becomes easier to challenge and decide how the test will be conducted and how successful it will be.
  • UAT design: Every person included in the test must properly understand the UAT test. This might include the mappings and assignment of the different steps for multiple business users and, accordingly, setting the timeline for them. If the user already has a reference, this step becomes more manageable.
  • UAT execution: With time, UAT has clearly defined how the testing procedure can be started, and the defects can be addressed to make it more productive. There is a proper need for flawless communication and a great balance between testers and developers so that there is proper progress reporting along with defect management.
  • Business objective confirmation: Once execution is done properly, all the possible defects can be resolved at the time of sign-off. This sign-off will indicate that there is a change in the business needs and requirements.

With time, many companies have realized the importance of UAT in general. If you want the help of the best test for the system, just visit the Opkey platform. The platform has the easiest-to-use packaged application testing tool in the market. It is currently providing ERP testing services to more than 250 global enterprises. 

Opkey is a no-code platform that will instantly generate test cases and transform them into automated test cases with just some clicks. More than 30,000 pre-build test cases across 12 plus ERPS and in more than 150 technologies are undertaken. All these efforts and achievements make Opkey the best leader in ERP test automation.

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