The 2017 MacBook Pro (yes, with the Touch Bar) is $400 off — that’s the best price we’ve *ever* seen

The 2017 MacBook Pro (yes, with the Touch Bar) is $400 off — that's the best price we've *ever* seen

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Ain't she a beaut?
Ain’t she a beaut?

Image: apple

Update: This deal has now ended. 

This is a big month for Team Apple, y’all.

The new iPhones were announced as well as the Apple Watch Series 4 — but if you were hoping for a new MacBook, you might be feeling left out.

Until right now, that is. You can snag the 2017 MacBook Pro for $400 off. (And yes, that’s the one with the Touch Bar that we *loved* when it debuted.)

Okay, so it’s not as fun as a fancy new MacBook joining the lineup (though we’re sure that’s coming). But it’s better than nothing, right? Plus, at a wild $400 off, it’s the lowest price we’ve seen on this MacBook ever. Using code SAVE5, the price will drop from the original sale price of $1,699 down to $1,282.50. That’s a seriously small dent to your wallet for a 2017 MacBook. PCMag coming in clutch. This deal ends on Sept. 29, so act fast.

As for nitty gritty details, it’s the 13.3-inch model from mid 2017 in space grey. It’s equipped with Apple’s iconic Touch Bar, a sleek, horizontal retina screen that replaces the top row of keys on the computer. With it, you can control brightness and volume, talk to Siri, use F-keys, send iMessages, browse apps or the web, and more. 

The Touch Bar looks like this:

The 2560 x 1600 display is downright gorgeous, backed by an Integrated Intel Iris Plus Graphics 650 card. That’s not the best you can get for hardcore gaming, but otherwise, it’s great. Its Intel Core i5 processor with up to 3.1 GHz is a serious powerhouse and is extra useful for things like video editing, graphic design, and running Adobe. RAM is 8 GB and you’ll get 256 GB of SSD, and there are four thunderbolt ports, three USB-C ports, and a headphone jack. (Yes, unlike your iPhone, your MacBook still has a headphone jack — for now.)

The only thing is that these particular devices aren’t eligible for Apple Care (ugh). However, if you’re really worried, you can snag a warranty from the PCMag Shop that includes accidental damage — for significantly less than Apple Care.

Regularly $1,699.99, you can save $400 and get the 2017 MacBook Pro for just $1,282.50 with code SAVE5 here.

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