LG’s new E8 series and classic C8 series OLED 4K TVs are on sale for up to $1,000 off

LG's new E8 series and classic C8 series OLED 4K TVs are on sale for up to $1,000 off

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High-end TVs this nice are usually $4,000 — these are under $2,500 during this sale.
High-end TVs this nice are usually $4,000 — these are under $2,500 during this sale.

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In the market for a hot new 4K TV?

If yes: Keep reading.

If no: Would you change your mind if we said you could get one for $1,000 off? Yup, thought so.

With this exclusive deal from the PCMag Shop, you can save up to $1,000 on one of LG’s newest high-end E8 series OLED 4K TVs, taking the 55-inch down to $1,799 and the 65-inch down to $2,499. 

The E8s are encased in glass and have a seriously fancy look — but not everyone is into that. Good thing LG’s well-known, more classic series, the C8, has been knocked down to $1,599 for the 55-inch and down to $2,249 for the 65-inch. Just gonna pass out for a sec, don’t mind me.

The sale prices on the two E8 series TVs sets them at around $300 less than the cheaper C8 series TVs, and $1,000 less than the regular E8 price on Amazon and LG’s official website. The sale on the C8s isn’t as steep — but still impressive and still cheaper than Amazon or the official site. It’s like a hidden secret of the internet. Digital Trends named the lower-end C8 as the best overall TV to buy in 2018 — so being able to get it for $500 off or get its big brother for significantly cheaper is some alternative universe shit.

Both the E8 and C8 series offer a brilliant A9 intelligent processor for movement and color accuracy, Dolby Atmos speakers on the E8, and an OLED display with 4K cinema HDR, self-illuminating pixels, and true-to-life images. LG’s new TVs are also equipped with AI ThinQ: LG’s artificial intelligence technology that uses a built-in Google Assistant to control the TV as well as other smart home devices (Amazon Alexa included). 

Glass design magic on the E8.

Glass design magic on the E8.

Aesthetics-obsessed folks will appreciate this: The E8 series is a collab by LG, furniture retailer BoConcept, and interior designers to create a one-of-a-kind glass design, making the TV double as a room’s statement piece. With glass bordering the bottom of the screen, the TV appears like it’s floating and looks glorious even when turned off. If you mount it on the wall, Gallery Mode by TripAdvisor can turn your TV into a hyper-realistic piece of art.

For those who like to keep it minimalistic, the C8 is still a stunner with sleek black bezels instead of glass. There’s also no Dolby Atmos audio, but anyone who’s not an audiophile won’t notice. And hey — it’s one of LG’s best sellers for a reason.

The C8 in all of its classic glory.

The C8 in all of its classic glory.

Get the magic for yourself: Save up to $1,000 and get the 55-inch E8 for $1,799 (regular price $2,500) here, the 65-inch E8 for $2,499 (regular price $3,500) here, the 55-inch C8 for $1,599 (regular price $1,899) here, or the 65-inch C8 for $2,249 (regular price $2,799) here. This is only for a limited time, so hop on ASAP.

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