Best New Movie Trailers: ‘Buster Scruggs,’ ‘The Bill Murray Stories,’ More

Best New Movie Trailers: 'Buster Scruggs,' 'The Bill Murray Stories,' More

Crafting the perfect movie trailer is hard work. There must be enough intrigue to get the audience excited without revealing too much about the film’s plot points and key moments (even then, things don’t always work out perfectly). Because of the sheer volume of new movie trailers being released in a given week, we’ve taken the liberty of rounding them up and separating the good from the bad for you. Check out the latest must-see trailers below, whether you’re looking for action, horror, comedy, or something else.

It probably goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway: Spoiler alert! Tread carefully, friends.

Note: All release dates are for the United States.

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

At this point, any project from the Coen Brothers is noteworthy, but the first trailer for The Ballad of Buster Scruggs makes it clear that this is a very special movie. The Western anthology film from the Oscar-winning directing duo will debut on Netflix and get a theatrical run later this year, weaving together a set of stories about the American frontier as only the Coens can. The film earned extremely positive reviews after its festival premiere, and like many of the brothers’ prior projects, it has an amazing ensemble cast that includes James Franco and Liam Neeson.

Release date: November 16

The Bill Murray Stories

An actor, writer, musician, and all-around legend of stage, screen, and the real world, Bill Murray somehow manages to be both a larger-than-life figure and the most grounded famous guy in Hollywood. This is outlined by countless stories in which he randomly shows up at neighborhood parties, kickball games, or your favorite hole-in-the-wall pub (to tend bar, of course). This documentary explores the stories behind these seemingly random encounters with Murray, attempting to answer what they might say about his outlook on life and what we all might able to learn from it. If nothing else, the film might be worth seeing for the archival footage alone.

Release date: October 26

Heavy Trip

The trailer for this film out of Finland makes it look like a great blend of crazy humor and head-banging heavy metal, all wrapped up in a raunchy road-trip comedy. The film follows Turo, the lead vocalist for the metal band “Impaled Rektum,” who — along with his bandmates — finally gets invited to perform in front of people other than themselves. There’s one catch, though: The festival is in Norway. Naturally, wild hijinks ensue, as well as what appears to be some death, dismemberment, and blossoming love against a backdrop of heavy metal fandom. This looks like head-banging, hair-swinging fun.

Release date: October 5

The Beach Bum

If you’ve ever wondered what an entire movie about Matthew McConaughey’s character in Dazed and Confused would be like when he gets older, well … alright, alright … this one’s for you. The latest film from Spring Breakers writer-director Harmony Korine casts McConaughey as a rebellious, possibly homeless, perpetually stoned slacker named Moondog who, well … that’s about all we get from the film’s first trailer, actually. The cast looks good, though, with Isla Fisher, Martin Lawrence, Zac Efron, and Jonah Hill joined by Snoop Dogg and a variety of other familiar faces.

Release date: March 22, 2019


It was only a matter of time before the ubiquity of ridesharing services became the vehicle (pun totally intended) for a horror film, and while the first trailer for Ride doesn’t make it look like an Oscar contender, the subgenre of “ridesharing horror movies” has to start somewhere, right? Described as “a cautionary tale aimed at a technology-obsessed society,” the film follows an Uber driver whose latest passenger initiates a terrifying night that will become a fight for survival. Okay, so maybe it’s not one of the best trailers of the week, but it’s noteworthy for being the first (and possibly last?) of its kind.

Release date: October 5

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